Here is a selection of projects from books to meetings reports.

Meet your bacteria

Published by Casell, the book Meet Your Bacteria reveals the hidden bacterial communities that live inside your gut and other organs. It not only covers how bacteria live in or on our bodies but suggests ways in which you can enhance your health by encouraging certain bacteria.  Co-authored with Nicola Temple and available to order.


Contracted by the charity Unique to research and write medical information booklets for families of children with rare chromosome disorders. This involved reading the medical and scientific literature and amalgamating this information with that derived from questionnaires filled in by the affected families. Booklets printed to date include: 19p13.3 microdeletions, 19p13.12 microdeletions, 19p13.13 microdeletions, 19p13.2 microdeletions, 9q34 duplication syndrome and 15q24 microdeletion syndrome.


Contracted by the communications agency Media Consulta to produce eight training and information booklets for the European Commission’s CHAFEA under their “Better Training for Safer Food” and “Health” programmes. This included a 40 page booklet detailing the provision for rare disease patients: “Reaching out to rare disease patients across Europe.”


Working with the herbalist Yaso Shan, I wrote a Chapter on Health and Disease for her book on herbal medicine, available in paperback at Waterstones. We also researched the science of herbal medicines for a series of magazine articles by The Times newspaper on celebrity usage of herbal supplements.


Internship at the medical charity, the Wellcome Trust, including writing a profile of the head of the Wellcome Trust Education department and research summaries covering the genetic and neurological influences on obesity and the latest findings in development biology.


As an organiser of scientific meetings for EuroSciCon, I chaired a number of these, including one on the immune cells known as T cells, now available as a meetings report from Amazon. This highlights the diversity of T cell subsets and functions and details how they can be identified, characterised, propagated in vitro and traced in vivo.


Published by Little, Brown, the book Ten Women Who Changed Science, and the World tells the moving stories of the physicists, biologists, chemists, astronomers and doctors who helped to shape our world with their extraordinary breakthroughs and inventions, and outlines their remarkable achievements. These scientists overcame significant obstacles…..  By daring to ask ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ and persevering against the odds, each of these women, in a variety of ways, has made the world a better place. Available to pre-order.


Contracted by the communications agency Scriptoria to interview scientists and write/edit public impact case studies of university research projects for the Research Excellence Framework, for example: Studies on childhood peanut allergy reverse the guidelines to avoid peanuts in infancy.


Another magazine article for the publication North Norfolk Living covered the conservation efforts of local ornithologists, entitled “Boxing up the Barn Owl: Chalet Style conservation for Britain’ favourite farmland bird.”


Research Dissertation (“Junior Café Scientifique – Food for thought”) for a Diploma in Science Communication (Distinction, Birkbeck College, London University), evaluating the junior version of Café Scientifique. This was followed by a discussion article for the publication Wellcome News, entitled “Classy Conversations: exploring Café Sci.”


Research publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals covering the fields of autoimmunity (Goodpasture’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis) and immune cell trafficking. Please contact me for further details.